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seconds have passed since
the teaser went up, lol!

? While you await the inevitable return of CNSDEV, take a look at this list of things you may be looking for or ought to look at:

Furious Guild
An international group of people dedicated to bringing down tough overlords in the best selling MMO by Blizzard, World of Warcraft.

Black Sun
Great bunch of people playing an online browser game by the name of Star Wars Combine, great fun, make sure to check out this sinister organisation.

The highly acclaimed machinima based in the Star Wars Galaxies universe by Pani Lightstrider, I'm still hosting it here as promised and if you haven't seen it I suggest you download it, now!

Screenshot Collection
Looking for screenshots?
[World of Warcraft]

Friends of CNSDEV
Meet the crazed russian at his personal website Simple Development, with a cup of coffee in his hand he'll introduce you to his excelent photographies and code! Make sure to also pay my bald friend a visit over in the Frosty Zone!, besides his passion for the hard 'n cold steel, he's also an up and coming web developer.

Brought back from the dead, CNSDEV's center of creativity is back online. This zone of extreme innovation and free-thinking is home to an abundance of crazy ideas, pointless discussion and communication. Unfortunately most of the juicy stuff is off-limits to the public - the link is only here to yank your temper or some such..